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I’m no mug…

but these are…

I love drinking tea (everyone in my family has an amazing ability to down numerous mugs of it a day and I’m no exception) and I’ve realised recently I’m actually quite a collector of mugs. I won’t deny I have my favourites but each mug represents a part of my personality or a happy memory. Some I’ve had for over 10 years, some have been well-chosen presents and others have simply caught my eye. I have to admit I’ve even taken secret joy in serving up hot drinks to guests in some of my cheekier options depending on my mood and level of mischiefness that day!! 😉 Generally I would categorize my mugs into volume size (yes you did read that right I categorize my mugs…how else would you know which one you want to use each day?) and I’ve generally got 3 sizes…

the little ones (classified as standard size but generally only worthy choices when I’m in a rush and don’t have time to savour a good cuppa)

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the larger size (when I only have time for one good cup of tea)


and the giant for when I get home from work and one cup just won’t do (these bad boys hold 2 or more standard cups in one mug)!


I love browsing the internet for new mugs, I’m still waiting for someone to create a glittery or sequined mug so anyone has seen one do let me know. Question is, if you came round for a cuppa which mug would you pick?… 🙂

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