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Why my wardrobe needs a serious clear out…

Ok, so I’m assuming (and desperately hoping) that I’m not alone in this but I’m a recovering shopaholic, yes that’s right I admit it, I’ve had issues in the past with over indulgent shopping which over the years has resulted in me having no money to speak of and a wardrobe which is overflowing and bursting at the seams. Don’t believe me, well check this out…

And that’s just my day-to-day clothes, this doesn’t even cover the 6 giant vacuum bags of old clothes I have stored in my loft!

You see, I also suffer with the problem that I hoard a lot of clothes from my skinnier years. I would LOVE to be the size I was at 18, I was certainly a lot happier and confident with my look and figure back then and somehow I’ve come to feel that the clothes I owned at that time are the only reminder of the person I was back then. When I look at my wardrobe these days it only serves to remind me of the person I don’t want to be.

However as I approach a new era (as Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30 would say, the era of “30, flirty and thriving”) I want my thirties to be positive, healthy, confident, successful and less materialistic. I want to have the financial freedom to buy what I want and need when I see it but not feel the urge to drown my sorrows in purchasing wasteful and tacky tat which will ultimately sit like a toxic bog at the bottom of my wardrobe making me feel miserable whenever I open the doors and see it. I want to purge my wardrobe and free myself from the weight of this mountain of cheap material where I am living in the shadow of my former skinner self…

The questions I intend to ask myself in order to clear the decks include;

  • Does the item fit?
  • Is it in good condition?
  • If not would I really want to wear it again if I could fit into it?
  • Does it create the look I want to achieve?
  • Have I outgrown it (in terms of age)?
  • Do I like it?
  • Do I wear it?
  • If I don’t wear it why not?
  • Does it have sentimental value (restrict to only a few pieces)?

I’m hoping to enlist the help of some friends in this pursuit, after all I can’t sort through 12 years of purchases, 3 wardrobes and 6 vacuum bags on my own, but hopefully at the end of it I will be lighter and freer to go forth and start my thirties in the manner in which I would like them to continue. Watch this space; I’ll keep you posted… 🙂

The wonder of a sparkly shoe…

Not all my posts will be endless pictures of pretty things I promise but given that I titled my blog after the wonder of a sparkly shoe…for they are the prettiest of all the shoes…then I feel the need to show you some fine examples…more serious musings coming soon I’m sure 😉 x

Are we getting shorter?

Whilst browsing one of my favourite high street shops online during my lunch break today I was somewhat surprised to come across pages and pages of enormously high shoes. Not to sound like an old fart but since when did most of us want to walk around in 4 inch high stilettos all day long? Ok, so my dad always used to tell me I would “fall over and break my neck in shoes like that” and I would scoff at him, vow that was a myth and go out and buy the prettiest pair of heels I could, I mean after all shoes are pretty, full stop…however I’m starting to wonder if he has a point about some of these. Aside from the disadvantages of heels in general (sore feet, looking taller than your fella, tripping on ground you can barely see all the way down there) surely there are genuine aesthetic downsides to looking like you just put your mother’s shoes on and they don’t fit you or worse still like you’re in specially made orthopedic shoes for joint problems?!!

Sadly my days of wearing heels for 12 hours a day are long gone, I save my pretty heels for parties and events where I know there are chairs to sit on so I can only deduce that the women buying these shoes are either unusually short and need a leg boost, using botox to numb their feet (ouch!), have a job where they need to see over the heads of others or are simply so blinded by the beauty of shoes (ok I can forgive that one) that they are throwing caution to the wind about future podiatric problems and neck breaks, you decide 😉

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