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When do hobbies become a hassle?

So I woke up this morning having convinced myself that this is the week I would throw myself into some meaningful hobbies, anything which would give me knowledge, skills or enjoyment and yet as the day drags on my enthusiasm seems to be waning. The idea of dedicating some time specifically to one task (which I will undoubtedly have neglected to put much effort into lately) seems to suddenly make it much less appealing!

It reminds me of the time I gave up playing the flute in my rebellious teenage years. I spent one whole year at school doing weekly lessons and yet could never shake the feeling that I was missing out on all the fun. With hindsight I was probably the one having more fun than my peers, leaving class to scuttle off to the music block with my little carry case full of musical metal however I was embarrassed rather than proud of my extra curricular lessons, it separated me from the crowd at school and usually labelled me a geek or a boffin! As an adult I certainly wish I had stuck with it past the first exam and would certainly would prefer to have a higher grade than grade 1 to my name yet when I heard my little sister moan about getting distracted from her clarinet lessons a few weeks ago this struck a chord… what makes hobbies more of a hassle than fun?

When I sit down, as I tend to do, and make a list of all the things I want to do before I die/grow old the list invariably has the same items on it time and time again; learn sign language, conversational Italian or the flute to a higher grade, practice my cooking and baking, learn and rehearse some pole moves, do some yoga, swimming, dancing or gardening or simply read a book…they all sound so simple on paper.

Perhaps my inaction where hobbies is concerned comes from an innate hatred of not getting things right first time. The idea of baking an inadequate cake, falling asleep a chapter into a new book and forgetting the plot, planting a flower only to watch it die within weeks or worse fall off a pole mid spin fills me with mortification and yet as we all know from school “practice makes perfect”…

So ultimately the question isn’t “what hobby do I want to have” but instead isn’t it “what hobby will I stick with and enjoy even if I can’t do it as well as the professionals”? The hunt continues…

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