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Bloomin’ Marvellous!

I wouldn’t describe myself as a brilliant gardener, I rarely follow the guidance on plants when I buy them, care about sun positions or soil types and my garden is definitely an experiment in survival of the fittest; I plant and whatever can handle the cats, snow, frost or shade thrives. That’s not to say I haven’t put in many hours outside de-weeding (I really HATE de-weeding), pruning and generally trying to create a garden worth spending time in. When my husband and I bought our house 4 years ago the garden was, well it was a wreck, don’t believe me here’s the proof!

Despite the wreckage, a fence panel shortage crisis and many shrubs and flowers which died the garden is finally starting to thrive.

Having originally tried to limit the garden to white, purple and blue flowers only we scrapped this last year as certain types like Nemesias or Salvias were just not happy year on year and were only lasting for one season so instead we have now opted for a more country garden feel where any colour is welcome. It’s not quite there yet, the grass needs some work and some of the newer plants still need to become established but thanks to the recent good weather I wanted to share how pretty and relaxing it has been these last few weeks, a real haven to come home to at the end of the day. The cats have also been making the most of their own slice of jungle adventure, Flapjack is especially likely to be found curled up beneath my Ceanothus on sunny days! Now all I need is a friendly hedgehog to come and make his home here 🙂

Are we getting shorter?

Whilst browsing one of my favourite high street shops online during my lunch break today I was somewhat surprised to come across pages and pages of enormously high shoes. Not to sound like an old fart but since when did most of us want to walk around in 4 inch high stilettos all day long? Ok, so my dad always used to tell me I would “fall over and break my neck in shoes like that” and I would scoff at him, vow that was a myth and go out and buy the prettiest pair of heels I could, I mean after all shoes are pretty, full stop…however I’m starting to wonder if he has a point about some of these. Aside from the disadvantages of heels in general (sore feet, looking taller than your fella, tripping on ground you can barely see all the way down there) surely there are genuine aesthetic downsides to looking like you just put your mother’s shoes on and they don’t fit you or worse still like you’re in specially made orthopedic shoes for joint problems?!!

Sadly my days of wearing heels for 12 hours a day are long gone, I save my pretty heels for parties and events where I know there are chairs to sit on so I can only deduce that the women buying these shoes are either unusually short and need a leg boost, using botox to numb their feet (ouch!), have a job where they need to see over the heads of others or are simply so blinded by the beauty of shoes (ok I can forgive that one) that they are throwing caution to the wind about future podiatric problems and neck breaks, you decide 😉

My bucket list…

In no particular order I might add!

  • milk a cow or goat
  • do a cage dive with sharks
  • achieve inverts on a pole
  • swim with dolphins
  • visit Barcelona
  • have afternoon tea at bake-a-boo
  • see the men’s final on Centre Court at Wimbledon
  • ride on a fire engine
  • host a formal dinner party by candlelight
  • own properties in L.A, Wales, Tuscany, NYC and Central London
  • travel on a husky sled
  • fly first class long haul
  • learn how to change a car tyre
  • learn to dance the tango
  • feed penguins
  • visit Petra in Jordan
  • learn sign language
  • drive a tractor
  • get a tattoo
  • live in California for at least 3 months
  • sit on a jury
  • save a life
  • learn Italian
  • lose weight and feel good about my health and figure
  • meet the Queen!
  • ride in a hot air balloon
  • jump into a pool fully clothed
  • spend a day in a tree house
  • cross the intersection at Abbey Road
  • Go to the Top of the Rock (NYC)
  • buy a really expensive piece of jewellery
  • own a pair of Manolo Blahniks
  • go to a formal event in a full princess ballgown
  • see the real Mona Lisa
  • eat chocolate in Belgium
  • stay overnight at the Dorchester hotel
  • be part of a flash mob
  • visit Sydney
  • go whale watching
  • go to New York at Christmas time
  • visit Berlin
  • check into a penthouse suite
  • sunbathe on a yacht in the Med
  • see the pyramids
  • visit Colney Island (NYC)
  • achieve debt free living
  • visit Vienna
  • have kids (one day)
  • sit on a hotel balcony in Venice overlooking the Grand Canal
  • stay at the Chocolate Boutique Hotel in Bournemouth
  • see the Northern Lights
  • Go to Warner Studios in L.A at peak filming season
  • be at the Grand Canyon at sunset
  • watch a meteor shower
  • visit Chicago
  • experience zero gravity
  • spend a night gambling in Vegas without fear of “losing too much money”
  • walk across the Grand Canyon skywalk
  • shoot a real gun (but not at anything)
  • stand on the Hoover Dam
  • watch and/or be in a fashion show
  • see Mount Rushmore
  • see the White House
  • take a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon
  • perform a pole routine to the Killers “Human”
  • sing on stage
  • stay at the Madonna Inn (California)
  • see Holly Madison in Peepshow in Vegas
  • swim in an infinity pool over looking an ocean
  • see Mount Vesuvius and Pompei
  • stay in a deserted Italian villa with a huge pool eating authentic pizza and pasta and drinking lots of wine
  • visit Sicily
  • see Niagara Falls
  • go on a tour of Alcatraz
  • visit the Playboy Mansion (sorry Dad!!)
  • visit Milan
  • get a massage in a cabana on a beach in a tropical location
  • learn to take good photographs
  • visit Hawaii
  • be able to cook a good roast dinner
  • have a regular visiting hedgehog to my garden
  • own a black and white kitten/cat and call it “Mayhem”
  • renew my wedding vows in the Chapel of the Flowers in Vegas with only strangers there to witness us
  • visit San Francisco
  • do a perfect cartwheel or handstand
  • see the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro
  • go to Paris with my husband
  • own a mini cooper
  • see the Taj Mahal
  • hold a koala bear
  • see the Great Wall of China
  • have kitchen big enough for a large rustic table and benches

Its Blue, no its green!!!

Tonight is Eurovision night, that time of year when Cheryl Baker has a job for a week and all the old cheesy tunes from competitions past get played on the radio…signing up for Eurovision must be a one way ticket to joint humiliation and ever lasting royalties!

Anyway, British boyband Blue are representing the UK tonight and along with many others I will be watching the show, waiting with breath that is baited for Graham Norton’s dry humour to punctuate the bucket loads of cheese which will be emanating from my telly.

You see a few years ago in 2002 I went on a city break to Copenhagen with my (now) husband. It was February and freezing and we had been walking around all day looking for the little mermaid statue (which incidentally is outside the city in the docks area and thus has icy winds blowing straight off the coast, brrrr). I was cold and fairly grumpy for that exact reason. As we were walking along a road I noticed a group of people blocking the pavement in front of me, thinking nothing of it we continued to walk ahead. At the same time my eye was drawn to a royal guard on the other side of the road, all dressed up in his military uniform and fur hat. James turned to me and said “I think he’s famous”, as I barged through the crowd of giggly girls ahead of me, “No, he’s not that famous” I answered back, thinking he was talking about the guard! “No, he’s definitely famous” James kept saying as I elbowed some burly guys out the way. As it turns out I had just sent Blue band member Duncan James and his bodyguard flying into their waiting car causing quite a few bemused glances from onlookers and the rest of the band.

A few steps ahead we waited at the traffic lights and a car came speeding around the corner containing, as I now know, the band! “It’s Blue” James kept saying, “what” I replied, thinking he was talking about the traffic lights (which were now green) and being very vague, “No its green” I said with force tugging at his arm, “what ARE you talking about?”, “Its Blue, its Blue” he said!!! Needless to say it took us a few minutes to work our crossed purposes but I have NEVER lived down my huge faux pas. Fortunately we did eventually find the little mermaid but I’ve been haunted by Blue’s presence on my tv screen ever since…

Good luck boys, you probably won’t win but if you do I promise to acknowledge you are famous after all! 😉

Today I smiled because…

I once read that you are more likely to find lasting happiness and peace in life by noting the small pleasant things in our day rather than waiting for the less frequent larger happinesses (lottery wins, holidays etc). With this in mind the things today which made me smile despite a very hectic and at times stressful day included;

  • A beautiful sunny day with an abundance of trees, blue sky and blooming flowers lining my way to and from work
  • a steaming hot cup of tea from a mug some very dear friends gave me
  • matching my shoes to my outfit at work today (bright pink!)
  • loving cuddles from both of my cats
  • the feel of the furry rug next to my bed between my toes
  • some good tunes on the radio as I drove to work
  • watching an excellent vintage episode of E.R and a new episode of “Jerseylicious” as I relaxed at home after work
  • sitting back down after tidying the house and relaxing knowing that my personal space was organised and tidy
  • A new series of “The Apprentice” starting on telly tonight
  • Sharing a joke with my husband

There are more but despite an overall feeling that today was fairly negative I’ve surprised myself with how many positives there actually were…hopefully tomorrow is even better 🙂

Hello world

Hello, my name is Jane and this is my first Blog! This will most likely become very apparent from my entries until I get the hang of all of things but I hope to use this virtual space to share some thoughts, daydream about future adventures and explore all the lovely things which fill my world…my friends and family, my hobbies and my love of all things cupcake (among other things). I’m not a patient person but I hope you are and will visit again 🙂 J x

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