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Colour My World

I learnt recently that I’m a very visual learner, I have to picture an outfit in my head before I put it on, choose shoes by shade of colour, have lots of colourful things around me and learn by seeing pictures or diagrams. This now explains a lot to me because for some years I have loved organising my belongings at home in colour (spectrum/rainbow) order. My wardrobe and cds have been this way for a very long time (much to the amusement of my friends at school) and I vividly remember when I first got together with my now husband within weeks I had convinced him to rearrange his cds and dvds in the same way. To this day I still chuckle when I remember him saying “Oh yes, today I want to listen to something from the turquoise section” and it’s true. When I get questions like “how can you remember where everything is?” I just think, well I just know…it’s a bit like reprogramming your brain, instead of reading a cover of a dvd you recognise it from its colour…I’m not even at home right now I can remember that Dirty Dancing is pink, Groundhog Day is blue and Mean Girls is purple!

A few years ago I had “my colours” done with a friend. I was a bit sceptical but I’d heard about the benefits of it from other friends and whilst loving colour around me I was still living in the cliché of wearing lots of black and would rarely be seen out in anything bolder that wasn’t a dark shade of purple or navy! It was actually a real revelation. After 2 hours of learning my type (Soft Cool for those in the know!), I learned why I got complimented whenever I wore lilac or looked like a walking traffic cone whenever I wore orange. Now I’m not saying knowing these colours changed me entirely but I tell you what I carry my samples with me everywhere I go and have done for 4 years and frequently use it in shops to check that the shade of red or blue I’m buying will suit me; and for what it’s worth I wear a lot more colour now (because I know what suits me) and get more comments about the colours I wear. If you ever get the chance I would recommend it, I feel I got my money’s worth 🙂

Above all the thing I have come to realise is that I’m grateful for being able to see the world around me and it’s a colourful world so why not try something new today and order your wardrobe or dvd collection by colour and see what shade you’re in the mood for next time…go on, I dare ya!! 🙂

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