New Year, Fresh Start…

Well hello! Yes I have indeed been neglecting this blog for a while haven’t I? The latter half of the year seemed to go by in a bit of a Christmassy blur but I wanted to kick start the New Year with a fresh start…not quite a re-launch but a reboot perhaps.

2012 is a year everyone is already talking about; the hype surrounding the current political, financial and sporting landscape are dominating the news so I will endeavour to counter balance it with lots of updates on trivial and pretty things to remind us to find beauty and happiness in smaller and less obvious ways. Yes who wouldn’t want to win the lottery, live like a rock star and have the acclaim of a rocket scientist but if we don’t we’ll just have to cope with what we have and enjoy it right…so on that note here’s to all our New Year’s resolutions…to a year of exploring how to have fun with less and almost certainly to celebrating the wonder of a sparkly shoe 🙂 Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

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