The wonder of a sparkly shoe…

Not all my posts will be endless pictures of pretty things I promise but given that I titled my blog after the wonder of a sparkly shoe…for they are the prettiest of all the shoes…then I feel the need to show you some fine examples…more serious musings coming soon I’m sure πŸ˜‰ x

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  1. Those are some seriously sparkly shoes! And the third ones (rainbow ones) are fabulously camp πŸ™‚

    • Hmmm… they were the third ones, but now they’re the last ones… the rainbow ones, anyway…

  2. Where do I find the purple glitter shoe with the bow on it? They are the wedding shoes I have been searching for!!! I am in love!!!

  3. Hello. do you know where the pink shoes on the second row with the pink bows are from. They will make my perfect wedding shoes!

    • I wish I knew otherwise I’d be looking for a pair as well. I saw them years ago and saved the picture…I think the website I saw them on no longer exists but if I come across them again I’ll post a link πŸ™‚ Hope you find something just as gorgeous if not better for your wedding.

  4. Do you know where the pink shoes with the 2 straps (4th line, on the left) are from? I need them badly! πŸ™‚

  5. Where are the blue peep toes at?! Those are perfect for the wedding I’ll be in in August!

  6. Love them!!!!Fourth row the sparkly silver ones where can find them??? I’ve been looking everywhere

    • Hi, sorry the pictures move around each time so not sure which ones you mean but I found all the pictures on google but think most of them are quite old now so not sure whether they would still be available to buy. When looking around I see so many in the shops and on websites now (eBay is a great place to start as well as there are always ones on there not available on the high street) but I hope you find some that you love…every girl should have a pair of shoes that make her feel like a princess πŸ™‚

  7. Oh gosh, I know this is an old post, I need those pink sequin shoes with the bows for my wedding. Did you end up finding them??? Please help. My email,

    • Hi, yes I know, of all the shoes I think they were my favourites and I first saw the picture in a magazine about 6 years ago so they must have been created some time ago. I’ve scoured the internet ever since and never seen them anywhere so I hate to admit it but I suspect they are a distant shoe memory…I hope you find some you love for your wedding…maybe post a picture here when you do and if I ever go into the shoe designing business (getting tempted!) I’ll put these high on my list πŸ™‚

      • Hi Jane, thanks for the reply, but I haven’t quite given up on the shoes. I can decifer from the pic that they are a brand called ‘No Doubt’ perhaps from the UK. I can’t find any website or contact details, have you heard of this brand before? And where you can buy them. I haven’t seen them here is Australia. Thanks.

      • Hi Sarah,

        A quick search on the internet showed that there is a brand called “no doubt” but also no contact details or company page. There are a handful of shoes listed under this brand on eBay but not the pink ones. Maybe set up an ebay alert in case anyone lists any new ones under the brand heading? If you find them let me know…happy shoe hunting πŸ™‚

  8. Where can I get any of the rainbow pairs? So in love!

    • Hi Emiliya,

      Thanks for your comment, I’m afraid as I’ve said above I found all the pictures on google but think most of them are quite old now so I doubt whether they would still be available to buy. Sequin shoes tend to be in the shops in the run up to Christmas so there aren’t very many around at the moment but eBay is a great place to check as there are always ones on there not available on the high street. I hope you find some you love and if you do don’t forget to post a pic or a link πŸ™‚

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