Are we getting shorter?

Whilst browsing one of my favourite high street shops online during my lunch break today I was somewhat surprised to come across pages and pages of enormously high shoes. Not to sound like an old fart but since when did most of us want to walk around in 4 inch high stilettos all day long? Ok, so my dad always used to tell me I would “fall over and break my neck in shoes like that” and I would scoff at him, vow that was a myth and go out and buy the prettiest pair of heels I could, I mean after all shoes are pretty, full stop…however I’m starting to wonder if he has a point about some of these. Aside from the disadvantages of heels in general (sore feet, looking taller than your fella, tripping on ground you can barely see all the way down there) surely there are genuine aesthetic downsides to looking like you just put your mother’s shoes on and they don’t fit you or worse still like you’re in specially made orthopedic shoes for joint problems?!!

Sadly my days of wearing heels for 12 hours a day are long gone, I save my pretty heels for parties and events where I know there are chairs to sit on so I can only deduce that the women buying these shoes are either unusually short and need a leg boost, using botox to numb their feet (ouch!), have a job where they need to see over the heads of others or are simply so blinded by the beauty of shoes (ok I can forgive that one) that they are throwing caution to the wind about future podiatric problems and neck breaks, you decide 😉

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