Trashing your wedding dress?

Maybe I’m already behind the times but I’ve recently come across the concept of a “trash your wedding dress” photoshoot. I personally can’t decide whether this is a genius or traumatic idea, my wedding dress was stunning and (albeit with a few issues on the day) I loved wearing it. I can’t therefore imagine wanting to destroy it as many ways as I can as if it were a fashion interpretation of South Park’s “how can we kill Kenny this week” or the more recent bunny suicides books.

I suppose some women do it to celebrate the irony of having bought something usually very expensive, cherished it, eagerly waited to wear it and kept it in pristine condition only to then destroy it. Fair enough, I suppose at least you will have more room in your attic!

I’m very on board with the artistic element of the photography, most pictures I have seen are stunning and perhaps if I only had a sample sale dress and not my real one on I could really have some fun with it but I suspect I’m far too hesitant to actually want to destroy something so precious and sentimental to begin with, even if it is a sacrifice for art’s sake!

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