Its Blue, no its green!!!

Tonight is Eurovision night, that time of year when Cheryl Baker has a job for a week and all the old cheesy tunes from competitions past get played on the radio…signing up for Eurovision must be a one way ticket to joint humiliation and ever lasting royalties!

Anyway, British boyband Blue are representing the UK tonight and along with many others I will be watching the show, waiting with breath that is baited for Graham Norton’s dry humour to punctuate the bucket loads of cheese which will be emanating from my telly.

You see a few years ago in 2002 I went on a city break to Copenhagen with my (now) husband. It was February and freezing and we had been walking around all day looking for the little mermaid statue (which incidentally is outside the city in the docks area and thus has icy winds blowing straight off the coast, brrrr). I was cold and fairly grumpy for that exact reason. As we were walking along a road I noticed a group of people blocking the pavement in front of me, thinking nothing of it we continued to walk ahead. At the same time my eye was drawn to a royal guard on the other side of the road, all dressed up in his military uniform and fur hat. James turned to me and said “I think he’s famous”, as I barged through the crowd of giggly girls ahead of me, “No, he’s not that famous” I answered back, thinking he was talking about the guard! “No, he’s definitely famous” James kept saying as I elbowed some burly guys out the way. As it turns out I had just sent Blue band member Duncan James and his bodyguard flying into their waiting car causing quite a few bemused glances from onlookers and the rest of the band.

A few steps ahead we waited at the traffic lights and a car came speeding around the corner containing, as I now know, the band! “It’s Blue” James kept saying, “what” I replied, thinking he was talking about the traffic lights (which were now green) and being very vague, “No its green” I said with force tugging at his arm, “what ARE you talking about?”, “Its Blue, its Blue” he said!!! Needless to say it took us a few minutes to work our crossed purposes but I have NEVER lived down my huge faux pas. Fortunately we did eventually find the little mermaid but I’ve been haunted by Blue’s presence on my tv screen ever since…

Good luck boys, you probably won’t win but if you do I promise to acknowledge you are famous after all! 😉

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