Let them eat cake…

I have to admit it, I love cake…small cakes, big cakes, layered cakes, iced cakes, cupcakes…they all catch my eye. Unlike many other types of food cake represents so much, decadence, indulgence, celebration, romance, creativity and much much more…

One of the things I loved most about wedding magazines in the run up to my wedding was looking at all the amazing creations people would have for their wedding cakes. The concept of the traditional 3 tier white, round, plain cake seems to have long since gone (albeit with a few modern exceptions which I’ve actually found rather charming) and the era of multi-tiered, multi flavoured, multi textured, multi this that and the other has taken over.

Much to my figure’s detriment I also love eating cake which is probably all linked back to the memories I have as a child of Sunday “trolley tea” which would involve a selection of (what appeared to a child in the 80’s) quite decadent foods…homemade cake, my Dad’s homemade ginger biscuits made with apple juice concentrate from a barrel in the garden (to this day I still don’t quite know why it was kept that way!) finger sandwiches, a big bar of Cadbury’s dairy milk and any other tasty treats we had in. My family and I would all prepare the spread of treats, each taking on a part of the role and sit around the telly on a Sunday with the trolley in the middle of the room and eat. Looking back I think this was actually was quite a sweet way of bringing us all together and was definitely something to look forward to each week.

I also remember that when I was a child my Grandma would travel up to us by tube on a Friday afternoon and arrive shortly after I finished school with a tupperware full of homemade brownies and fairy cakes topped with delicious water icing and glacé cherries for us all. This is such a fond memory that I always use my grandma’s cake recipe in all my own baking (memorised at a very early age) and it has never failed me. I even gained some smug satisfaction a few years ago when challenged by my husband to a contest to bake the best cake, me by hand, him using the mixer. He thought his would come out better but he was wrong, mine had risen better and were lighter and fluffier than his…sorry honey the gloating continues!!!

Anyway enough reminiscing, I thought I would share some of the wonderful pictures of cakes I have come across (and will probably continue to add to) and which have inspired me to both bake, and eat cake…enjoy 🙂

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  1. Some of these cakes are inspirational, especially the tiered ones! Your cup cake baking has certainly developed a family tradition. Those trolley teas were a focal point of the week. Grandma still talks about them. Recipes stick in your mind as well. I can still remember by heart the madeira cake recipe from those days although I don’t get time to bake it any more. The apple juice concentrate was brilliant stuff and I can remember making flapjacks with them. Wonder if you can still get it. xxx

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