Today I smiled because…

I once read that you are more likely to find lasting happiness and peace in life by noting the small pleasant things in our day rather than waiting for the less frequent larger happinesses (lottery wins, holidays etc). With this in mind the things today which made me smile despite a very hectic and at times stressful day included;

  • A beautiful sunny day with an abundance of trees, blue sky and blooming flowers lining my way to and from work
  • a steaming hot cup of tea from a mug some very dear friends gave me
  • matching my shoes to my outfit at work today (bright pink!)
  • loving cuddles from both of my cats
  • the feel of the furry rug next to my bed between my toes
  • some good tunes on the radio as I drove to work
  • watching an excellent vintage episode of E.R and a new episode of “Jerseylicious” as I relaxed at home after work
  • sitting back down after tidying the house and relaxing knowing that my personal space was organised and tidy
  • A new series of “The Apprentice” starting on telly tonight
  • Sharing a joke with my husband

There are more but despite an overall feeling that today was fairly negative I’ve surprised myself with how many positives there actually were…hopefully tomorrow is even better 🙂

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  1. I love the fact that this is so positive 🙂

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