The furry monsters in my life

So, it seems only fair to introduce you to two furry faces who will almost certainly grace these pages as I share more of my adventures with you. First we have the gorgeous Mischief, my little East London stowaway who appeared on my bed one night 10 years ago after sneaking into my flat, a frightened little skinny cat who has grown into a wise and loving (if not impatient) companion.

Next we have the newer addition to the household, Flapjack my 4 year old ginger terror who thinks the world is there entirely for him and who has no sense of boundaries…luckily for us both he makes up for all his demands tenfold in love and affection

Unfortunately they both hate each other and I wouldn’t be surprised if neighbours streets away could hear their yowling whenever the fur flies (usually initiated by Flapjack but Mischief tends to hold her own despite the lack of teeth!)

I shan’t doubt it will be long before they provide me with furry tales (excuse the pun) to tell…watch this space 🙂

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